Thursday, November 15, 2012

Five Guys Who Got it Right

This will be a quickie. But, I just have to recommend Five Guys Burgers & Fries!

A few months ago, the family and I headed over to our neighborhood Five Guys. I had never eaten there before and I'd been reading such rave reviews.


All the feel of a Fifties-ish diner and one of the best burgers you'll ever eat. Cheesy, meaty, savory excellence on a bun.

Try the jalapenos on that burger... guess what? They're fresh! Not the soggy, pickled things you usually get.  Onions are the perfect size and flavorful.

Fries were good, (not perfect,) and they sure don't skimp on the serving size.  My baby sure liked them.  We had an order of regular fries and an order of seasoned fries.

 The family was happy.  I was happy.  Great place.  Certainly a stop everyone needs to make eventually.

Happy kiddos. 

If you've eaten here... let me know what YOU thought!  If you haven't yet... make sure you try it soon!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Delicious Cake as Easy as ABC

A little over a year ago, I attended a friend's baby shower, (our little girls are less than a month apart.)  The dessert she served was an ENORMOUS and beautiful cake.  Those who know me are well-acquainted with the fact that I LOVE a good bakery cake... especially if it's slathered in decadent buttercream frosting.  I know, I know... "a moment on the lips and eternity on the hips."  Well, there have been countless of those lip-smacking moments in my life and yea... I have the eternal evidence on these hips.
But, I digress.  This cake... Oh my goodness!  This cake!  It was heaven on a fork.  It was pure bakery genius.  Half marble and half red velvet; the entirety coated in thick, yet light, buttercream.  I HAD to know from whence it came.


Yes, yes... it was then clearer than a cold, mountain stream that this was the place from where all other cakes in future MUST BE PURCHASED!

My husband was a darling a few weeks later when he surprised me with a giant red velvet cake from ABC.  It was perfectly decorated for me and just as delicious as it had been at that shower.
Fast forward a few months and we visited ABC once again.  Our lovely and very intelligent daughter was accepted into a brilliant private school.  As a reward, we promised her a cake from ABC.
Step through the doors to the bakery on any given day and become overwhelmed with the sugary smells and friendly faces welcoming you to sweet paradise.
The process for ordering is simple and creative.  Along one wall are some internet-active computers where one may find ANY image at all or find a cake they like and like a magic wand is being waved... it shall be done.
I spoke with a girl for quite some time and we perused the net together finding the exact specifications for what I needed and even bargained on a fair price.  Warning:  this bakery is NOT CHEAP, but you WILL be happy with what you get for the price.  No money is required at the time of ordering but we decided to put down half... my thinking is that with a deposit the work is most-assuredly going to be good.
I was right.
Emily had no idea WHEN her cake would be delivered, but upon her return from summer vacation... there it was.

 Gorgeous, fine-tipped piping!


Perfect colours!

EXACTLY what I ordered...

 And worth EVERY penny.

The taste... was out of this world!  (Inside was marble cake.  Of course... buttercream icing.) 

This is a HIGH recommendation.  You MUST turn to this establishment when in need of a special-order cake.

1830 San Pedro Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM  87110
(505) 255-5080

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