Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunny's Savvy Spender Suggestion #1

Always wonder why bakery bread costs less than big name brand breads?  Well, you're paying for the preservatives of course.
Don't you hate when you buy a fresh loaf of yummy fresh-baked bread from your grocer's bakery and it starts growing that notorious white/green fuzz indicating you didn't consume it fast enough?  Money wasted and food spoiled.
Well, with this quick and easy tip, you'll be able to send your kids sandwiches every day made with that delicious bakery bread instead of the more expensive, preservative-packed kind.
It's a cinch!  Buy two loaves of your bakery's pre-sliced bread.  When you get it home, pull out the sandwich storage bags and simply start packin'!  Place two slices in each bag and FREEZE.  That's it!  It's that simple!
When it's time to make lunches, pull out the number of bags you'll need, make the sandwiches using the frozen bread and place them right back into the bag.  Making the sandwich with frozen bread will keep it cool until lunchtime.  (If you're worried about that, just set the bread out the night before.)
I freeze a lot of bread.  It's always good when thawed... just like new!  But, don't ever put your bread in the refrigerator.  Did you know it actually causes the bread to go stale faster?

* Starch tends to crystallize at cool temperatures, and this process, sometimes called "retrogradation," happens about six times faster at refrigerator temperatures than at room temperature. Loss of water also speeds up this process, so you want to keep bread in a container that stops moisture from escaping.
You can freeze bread, which might not sound like too good an idea, but if you do it quickly, the bread doesn't spend too long at temperatures that favor retrogradation. 
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Buying bread on the "Marked for Quick Sale" cart isn't a bad idea either.  Just get it home and pop it into the freezer ASAP.  I do it all the time and I'm VERY picky about the taste and appearance of the bread I serve on my table.