Saturday, May 19, 2012

An Adventurous Ride with Tin Tin & Redbox Customer Service

On occasion, I will deem it necessary to make Friday night a movie night for the family. Since going to the actual cinema costs just about everything shy of your blood and firstborn, renting is the obvious, most economic choice. Redbox to the rescue!

I have been curious to see The Adventures of Tin Tin for a long while now and as it wasn't sold out on Blu Ray, since I didn't wait too late in the day to visit the notoriously red kiosk that's now seemingly on every corner, that's exactly what I got.

After getting the little one fed and happy, we all sat down with our steaming bowls of chicken, potato, corn chowder and french bread and prepared to be entertained.

From the first few seconds, one's eyes cannot be torn away from the phenomenal animation; so life-like, you almost forget you're watching a cartoon. This movie has, undoubtedly, the best and most realistic CG animation I have seen to date. No detail was left unconcerned. The textures of the skin, the shine in the hair, the actual, properly-conducted, humanistic movements and expressions of the characters. The only things to continuously remind you that it isn't real, are the exaggerated, caricature-style noses on a majority of the characters, which added comical flare.

The story was just starting to pick up and we were all intently watching, (the movie was only 21 minutes in,) when suddenly the abominable happened... the ugly, dreaded multi-coloured squares began to mar our perfect picture. Pixels. Sound: gone. Skipping?? I had cleaned the disc before putting it into the Blu Ray player as it had been abundant with sticky, child-sized fingerprints, (the drawbacks of renting "Family" films from an unmanned source. My theory is there are plenty of parents out there who rent these movies for their kids and just leave them in charge of the disc, off to whatever adult activity keeps them away from their children as much as possible.) But, I digress...

We eject the disc and hubby cleans it even more... but there it is: a scratch. Tiny and barely noticeable, but enough to ruin our Family Movie Night indeed.

Naturally, I was promptly on the computer to retrieve Redbox's instructions on what to do in this tragic circumstance. After searching their site and deciding on the Chat with a Representative option, I wait, and wait... and wait, (even though the chat dialogue proclaimed I was 1st in line.) FINALLY, a human-posing bot named "Larry" comes on the screen to assist me in my crisis. After explaining my situation and directed to clean the disc, as I'd already done... then asked if I'd tried playing it on a different player, (RIGHT! Like we all have an extra Blu Ray player lying around,) I was finally offered some consolation in the form of two promo codes worth $1.20 each. This was certainly welcome, but I inquired as to my responsibility for the remainder of the price for renting a Blu Ray. (Blu Rays cost $1.65; DVDs cost $1.20.) After all, the offensively-scratched disc in question WAS a Blu Ray. It was then a REAL person must've replaced the bot, because I was offered yet another promo code as an apology for the inconvenience. Cool. Now I was appeased.

Without delay, I was off to the nearest Redbox to make my exchange. I was back home in a jiffy and our adventure with Tin Tin was underway yet again.

*deep breath*

What a thrill ride! As only Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson can deliver, The Adventures of Tin Tin was a veritable, on-the-edge-of-your-seat journey complete with an engrossing plot line, Indiana Jones-esque action, explosive cinematography, and witty, comedic banter as only the British can most-assuredly deliver.

The title character, Tin Tin, is a loveable bloke; an intelligent-beyond-his-years investigative reporter/journalist with a baby face appearance recollective of the likes of Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe. Captain Haddock is just as loveable with his jocose antics and inebriated prattle. Voiced by the ever-so talented Andy Serkis, Haddock adds hilarity in all its forms to this already amusing film.

At one point, my 9-year old daughter stated that she didn't see how this movie was "for kids." In agreement with this, I replied, "Just because it's animated, doesn't mean it's for kids." And, it really wasn't actually. The plot was a tad difficult for her to follow in places and there were several jokes/references which only cultured and knowledgeable ADULTS would understand. Michael and I were enjoying it exceedingly.

In summary, I recommend it highly... but not for the youngest of audiences. I'd say 10 or 11 and older. Be prepared to be amazed at the beyond-stellar animation and intensely surprised at how enthralling this film really is.


What films have YOU seen lately that you'd recommend?

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  1. Excellent review! I totally agree with is an exciting movie. Latest movie we enjoyed was The Avengers. Can't wait to read your review of that one! Hurry and see it, okay?

    1. I am looking forward to seeing The Avengers very much. Just don't know when I can afford to lose half a paycheck to go to the theatre. Haha! Just kidding. I'll probably rent it as soon as it comes out though.

  2. haha what ever i've watched lately i can tell you it aint in color :) i know my mom loved Tintin but she loves pretty much everything that's come out in the past few years except Sucker Punch (she HATED it, I on the other hand, LOVE it!). the problem you had with your dvd is the same i've been having with netflix lately to the point that i am considering cancelling my account there. that's cool that you were able to get a new disc so quickly tho!

    1. Oh, of course YOU are a fan of the TRUE silver screen, darling. But, I'll bet you didn't know... so am I... and oh my goodness! to a severe degree! My mother didn't raise a simpleton. I do so appreciate the classics and also the obscure not-so-classic classics. *smiles* My favourite? The Philadelphia Story starring James Stewart, Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. What a riot! My peers don't get it like I do.

      I don't have Netflix, but if I did and continued to receive damaged discs, I can most-assuredly tell you that they would have a real "bug" up their behind, aka: M-E. Don't let them get away with it... demand some rewards! :) It's the least they can do.

  3. more cool points for ya :) the Philadelphia Story is hilarious! i can watch Cary Grant in almost anything anyway but that's one of his best for sure :D netflix is actually very cool about sending out a replacement disc and also throwing an extra disc in my shipment while i wait. they do need to upgrade some of their inventory tho, many of these discs have been through the war it seems! are you an avid or semi avid TCM watcher? i cant remember the last time i changed the channel to something else haha :D

    1. Oh, the days when I had illicit amounts of free time and a grand cable/satellite package... *sighs dreamily* At the moment, I do not have the beloved TCM. (Economic hard times and all that mess.) But, I sure do miss it as well as AMC.
      YES! Cary Grant is marvelous! He's handsome and talented... and funny! You know another great oldie I love? "The Quiet Man." Not your typical John Wayne flick... but a beautiful and quite hilarious story set in Ireland... awesome.
      That's cool to know about netflix. I will keep that in mind. <3

  4. AMC isnt what it used to be, i never watch it anymore, too many ads, too mny "classics" that are like 20 years old or something. it was a great channel in it day tho! i still have many, MANY films on VHS from the old AMC days slowly getting burned onto DVD's...very slowly indeed! i LOOOOOVE the Quiet man, the Duke is one of my top 6 fave actors of all time! its his b-day tomorrow btw! (may 26th)
    my fave John Wayne film is the Searchers, but he is in so many awesome and great movies, what a career and what a personality!
    racking up yet more cool points my dear, is there no end in sight??? :D
    btw sorry to hear about your economic hard times, i guess we all go through them sometimes. hang in there!

    1. Today is also my late husband's birthday... he would've been 31. It's also my niece's birthday; I didn't know it was The Duke's. Cool. One of my other fave John Wayne films is "Pittsburgh." That's a great one!
      I seem to recall catching AMC on my parents' t.v. while visiting a few times and yes, they seem to consider 80's movies "classics" now. Heh! Makes me feel old.

  5. i saw Pittsburgh many years ago and i remember liking it. there are few Duke films i dont like but he made some turkeys just like everyone else, haha